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5 Tips to choosing the right patio paving

Patios are breathtaking and airy places for most homeowners. If you are a home owner, large or small, you are definitely in love with the patio space. For most paver patio installations, we should resort to seeking opinions from expert masons and contractors who know the building site better.

4 tips to maintaining walkways in top form

If you are obsessed about the upkeep of your walkways, you are not alone! For most home owners, walkways are swanky new, beautiful accents to their homes. These spaces not only lead you to the homes you are in, but also are favorite spaces for the young and old alike who love to stroll. Many of us w....

Cost effective tips to revamp borders in your garden

Borders are pretty and subtle both at the same time. If you have a sprawling home with an elaborate garden, you may be a little too concerned about the smooth and graceful curves of the paver border that separate it from the walkway. These days, painted aluminum and steel are the most sought after b....

3 innovative ideas for the patio flooring

If you are dreaming of remodeling your patio, start from he base and build a solid foundation and start with a paver drive that helps you budget your costs and help you explore options. If you are looking at paving the floor of your patio, you should opt for foolproof options such as bricks and blue....