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3 innovative ideas for the patio flooring

If you are dreaming of remodeling your patio, start from he base and build a solid foundation and start with a paver drive that helps you budget your costs and help you explore options. If you are looking at paving the floor of your patio, you should opt for foolproof options such as bricks and blue stone or even go for other newer styles such as the wood decking tiles.

Here are the best options we can think for you, if you are looking to remodel the patio this Autumn:

    1. Concrete is often a very good patio floor and many of us find it staid and common, however, a concrete patio floor will always exude a modern appeal and is perfect for wide open spaces that have crispy and distinct edges. You should first decide on the area that needs to be floored first. Then ask the professionals to dig the Earth out and level it. Barriers need to be put in place so that the shape of the patio is determined. The filler materials such as the gravel is then spread and concrete poured and leveled. The contractors will then finish and cure the concrete.
    2. The next best option for a patio floor are the wooden decks. These are classic and a little expensive too. The comfort is high and these are perfect in homes and apartments alike. You have to keep in mind the fact that wood requires a lot of upkeep and needs constant care and maintenance. A good alternative to pure wood are deck tiles. These are innovative materials that can be snapped together and create a modular feature. Most of these decks need to stained and sealed on the edges to protect them form the vagaries of nature.
    3. Finally, the third best option for a patio floor are the brick and stone floors that are dry laid and require a mason to lay each block. A mason will dig and level the ground. He or she will lay the concrete over crushed stone and gravel, making a base and then lay the bricks along with mortar.

Blue stone is an option that is getting popular by the day and each of these stones are made by hand beautifully laid and manicured over your patio space. These come in varied shades and are quite a rage this Autumn. If you like pale lilac and deep blue slate, try and opt for these.

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