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4 tips to maintaining walkways in top form

If you are obsessed about the upkeep of your walkways, you are not alone! For most home owners, walkways are swanky new, beautiful accents to their homes. These spaces not only lead you to the homes you are in, but also are favorite spaces for the young and old alike who love to stroll. Many of us want to keep these walkways free of outgrowth and dirt. Walkway installations may be a tough task for most home owners but here are a few ways in which you can maintain these effectively.

  1. Remember to trim and cut the trees or the shrubs that line the walkway. Larger shrubs need trimmings every now and then and the pruning is essential for an unhindered passage. If your walkway is covered with weeds and grass after a full rain, remember that a weed cutter is your handy instrument which you can use to remove the sprouts from the crevices.
  2. Always remember to keep the dirt and the moss away. For mots of us, moss is a serious problem if we are in the coastal areas. During winters, dew and moss may make the concrete walkways slippery. Ensure that you scrub the stones at least twice a year. Make sure that the vegetation is cleared every two months. Make sure that you dampen the walkway with water and use a stiff bristle brush that can remove the hardiest of stains. Remember to remove the lawn furniture every now and then. Always apply a penetrative sealer on the edges of each slab and help retain the newness of the appearance.
  3. Always make a border around the pool with paving stones and textured concrete. The chlorine water splashes are bad for the paving stones. You should always direct the washer nozzle away from the absolute edge of the pool and sweep the walkway.
  4. Finally, do not use a power washer over the crumbled and cracked concrete slabs if your walkway is made of concrete. This will surely impact the longevity of the stone and break them up into pieces in the long run. The pressure washer nozzle should be kept about 12 to 20 inches away from the concrete surface. Make sure that the repaired concrete is set to dry for about a day or two before you actually walk over it or even drag furniture.

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