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5 Cool Basement Ideas within Your Budget

If you have a thing for basement entrances and want your basement to look top class, you should enlist the services of a design architect who will ramp up your home with ideas. In case, you do not want to have the basement entrance services in Nassau County make plans for your renovation project then read on.

For some creative basement ideas that do not make the place a dungeon for home utilities and storage items, you should tap into that DIY interest of yours and bring that extra square footage as a beautiful addition to your cozy home.

  1. To start off, get organized and clean the scrap from the basement before you actually get going on the renovation project. Outgrown toys, old clothes and other paraphernalia should be chucked out of the basement before you actually get going with any renovation project. Donate and try pitching as much as you can. Make way for more utility space and de-clutter it.
  2. Try and plan the space before you actually get onto repairing the basement. There could be many trouble spots that need a little rethink. You can actually have a gym at your home and make sure the sports room also has good range of equipment. Basements can also be transformed into a crafts room or even a wine cellar. Some homeowners also like to install a brewery in the basement. Try and think innovatively to reshape a part of your home that is unexplored.
  3. If you do not have too much money for the revamping of the basement, you should remodel the basement with some drywall and carpeting. Shop around at the home improvement stores and opt for bargains and alternative uses of items that can help do up the flooring and walls, ceiling and entrance of the basement.
  4. You can also go for a complete remodeling of the basement floors. A stained or a painted concrete floor can be really inexpensive and also look and feel sleek. These floors are also easily managed and can create a great look fit for anyone looking for a great experience. Stenciled flooring can also raise the quality bar and make the basement look amazing. The painted look adds up warmth and contrast and add value to this otherwise neglected part of the home.
  5. Finally, change the basement walls and use concrete walls to adorn this part of the space. You can paint them with lights shades and make them look like brick or limestone. These corners of the home usually do not have too much light coming in. try and use light colors to create a large room effect without spending too much cash. Woodsy walls can also have a textured effect on the designs and can give that longish effect for the room. If the basement is dark and dingy, use innovative lighting techniques used in gardens and the attic to brighten up the area.

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