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5 Cost-Effective Landscaping Tips To Increase Your Property’s Value

Landscaping can increase your property value by up to 12.7% according to a 2007 paper by Virginia Tech horticulturist, Alex Nieniera. Adding greenery and tidying up your landscape also improves the environment and has had a positive impact on your health.

Here, are 5 cost-effective tips for landscaping your home borders that will increase your property’s value.

1. Develop A Strategy Before You Start

Before you start, it is important to develop a strategy on landscaping your home border. Do not over-clutter your landscaping with too many plants, but also, keep in mind not to have plain grass. Encourage diversity and consider planting shrubs and perennials.

2. Match Your Design With The Style Of Your Home

No matter whichever type of landscaping you are opting for, match it completely with the style of your home. This will not only increase the value of your property but with this cost-effective method, you will be able to impress guests with your classy sense of style.

3. Maintain A Seasonal Balance

Your landscaping should maintain a seasonal balance. Plant blooming bulbs for the spring, annual beds during the summers, shrubs for the fall and the evergreens for winter. When a potential buyer comes over to purchase your property he/she will only be impressed if they notice that the home will look different and beautiful in every season.

4. Edge Up The Lawn

Edging up your lawn neatly clears up the look and makes it appear tidy. It not only reduces the effort of maintaining but also will make your garden look tamed. This helps you to create a neat separation between your driveway and lawn.

5. Shred Your Garden When Required

We’re sure you would not like bushes to grow and convert your beautifully designed garden into a bush. For this reason, shredding the plants and grass of your garden should be carried out. Once your garden looks tidier, it will certainly get noticed by potential buyers.

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