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5 Cost-Effective Tips for Home Remodeling

Several homeowners hope to convert their smaller spaces into giving the impression of being large and ostentatious. Financial obligations for raising children such as school fees, obstruct this dream for many. This does not mean that you have to live in cardboard boxes! You can implement material, time and design based strategies to reduce the home renovation expenses. Here are some effective ideas to plan your home remodeling in a budget-friendly way.

Rearrange First:

Try to re-design the high-traffic areas in your home like the bathroom and kitchen. This will save you the expense of trying to rebuild and create more space. Your first step could be replacing shelves with concealed cabinets/ pullout drawers. This idea will help you make space in kitchen without opting for cabinetry expansion.

Priced Lighting:

Instead of pouring your money in bifold doors, opt for light-capturing ideas like skylights. The solar ones are easily affordable and effective in funneling sunlight on dark hallways. Use these cost-effective ideas to save money for the more important remodeling requirements. Visit local stores and consult professionals to select the best-priced lighting idea for your home.

Recycled Materials:

You can also opt for used or recycled building materials or fixtures for significant savings. However, some builders’ guarantee may not cover problems arising because of such materials. This is because they do not want to take responsibility for any damage.

In case it is a Do-It-Yourself project, you can use items like reclaimed timber flooring, acrylic skylights, pre-hung doors, etc. These materials are easily available at reduced prices. And you should also re-use the items you are about to demolish. It will help you skip the ‘rubbish removal fee’. Moreover, undertaking the razing job yourself will also be a little inexpensive. It may not compare with the home renovation costs, but it will surely save some considerable amount. Take proper care during the demolition process. Keep away from live wire while sawing/plumbing and other untoward accidents.

Long-Term Considerations:

Your long-term considerations should be cost-effective. Ideas like investment in pre-finished materials is one such example. Initially, it may be an expensive upfront payment, but you can make savings on costly finishing or paint job later on. Pre-finished materials can include decking board, painted and primed weatherboard, prefabricated wall finish and skirting. Although, these are expensive as upfront, yet they reduce your remodeling costs at the time of painting.

Fresh Start:

The fact that remodeling costs more than building a new home, is known to all. Consider carefully if demolition followed by renovation will profit you in any way- money wise, time wise  or energy wise. Try to schedule the home renovation when the builders are not too busy. Wait for their peak time to be over. Only then you can avail the builder at a cost-effective price for renovation.

Professional assistance will be a little pricey but will save you a lot of unnecessary expenses in the long run. Even for DIY projects, you should consult professional builders for advice. The 5 tips discussed above should save you extravagant expenses.

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