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5 Things To Consider When Designing Paver Patios

Are you thinking of designing a paver patio for your home? To make your task easy, we’ve got you few things that you need to keep in mind for excellent results.

1. Create A Strong Base

When designing paver patios, it is important to create a strong base. With the help of a wacker plate compactor or a tamper you can easily pack in the paver base and sand. Each subsequent layer of the material should be well repacked.

2. Plan Good Drainage

Paver patios should be designed with good drainage facility. For this reason, sloping the pavers away from your home’s foundation to an area where drainage is permisable should be considered. A quarter inch drop of elevation for every 2 feet of distance is important.

3. Maintain Tight Edges

When paving your patio, maintaining tight edges will minimize the effect of your pavers to move subsequently. Using additional pavers or a solid cement lip will solidify the edges and thus avoid weeds from creeping in.

4. Make Use Of Color Variation

In order to avoid the appearance of patchwork in your pavers, make use of color variation. You can easily create a natural look by combining piles of stones or bricks together.

5. Keep Your Pavers Weed Free

To stop weed or other plantation to creep in through your pavers, create a barrier between the old soil and base of sand that will be used. This is important in order to avoid the damage of your paver patio.

Based on these 5 considerations you can definitely carry on with patio installation. To achieve the best results, contact a patio installation contractor in Nassau County.

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