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5 tips to renovate your basement in style

Renovating your basement is no small feat these days. Especially when basements are gradually becoming an extension of our homes above. Unless you live in a new home, the chances of you hovering around your basement is highly unlikely. Nevertheless, it makes good sense to soak up new ideas before you actually transform your basement into a thriving living space.

Here are some quick fix ideas that can catch your imagination:

  1. Build the exits before you make other plans. While renovating your basements, the first thing that should come to your mind s planning on exit routes. Many home designers vouch on larger windows that touch the ground. If you cut down the foundation of your home, you can build on larger windows. Windows in the basement lead to light and provide a safe exit route if there is a fire. Before you make the exits ready, try and get the approvals from your local building department.
  2. You need to fix the water supply at the basement. For many of us, basements can be a soggy, wet and insulated area that has several negatives. When you renovate the basement, try and fix the water lines. It’s best to not have them underground. This is a good step before you renovate the basement. You do not want to have sheetrock issues in the long run.
  3. Manage the basement height well when you first put your energies towards renovating your basement. Make your basement a little higher than the usual height. It makes good sense to repair the low ceiling, low height and low hanging ductwork along with wiring and piping. Make sure that the ductwork or the waste piping is covered in inconspicuous places such as closets and staircases.
  4. Ensure that the drainage is well built and not covered between wood lines on the basement. You need to have enough slope in the lines (called “fall”) to enable the waste to leave due to gravity. If your basement does not have a fall or your waste system lines exit the building through the foundation, then you need the sewage ejection pump installed. If you are installing such a mechanism, make sure that it is well hidden in the basement and not open to public view.

Finally, renovate the basement entrance and other features keeping the future in mind. The basement is the heart of all mechanical systems in your home, take adequate measures to keep it well maintained throughout the year.

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