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5 Tips To Repair Winter Damage Of Your Asphalt Driveway

Due to the harsh weather conditions of the winter, asphalt driveways experience severe damages that are caused by the chemicals used to prevent ice build ups. The cracks and holes developed on the driveway need to be repaired as soon as possible before the situation worsens.

To make life easier, we’ve got you 5 tips that will help you in mending the winter damage of your asphalt driveways.

1. Clear The Driveway And Clean The Surface

Before you begin repairing your asphalt driveway, the first step is to clear it of debris and clean its surface. You can either use a shop vacuum or your garden hose. The water force of the hose should be strong enough to flush out crevices and debris.

2. Prepare Yourself For The Project

After you have cleared the driveway of debris and crevices, it is now time to gear up for the project. To prepare yourself, wear protective eyewear, work boots, long pants and gloves. Being dressed in the perfect manner will protect you from damaging your sight or skin while mending the driveway yourself.

3. Scrape Out The Damage

In order to allow the repair material adhere and mend the cracks or holes, with the help of a hammer remove all the damages in your driveway. Remove any weed or plants growing through the driveway, them then and there.

4. Fill In Cracks & Holes

Fill in the crack and holes with gravel pieces depending on its size. Make use of a wood post to tamp the gravel into the damaged areas. Tamping eliminates air bubbles from forming and makes your driveways ready to use after 48 hours of drying.

5. Apply Sealant

To prevent your asphalt driveway from further damage, apply a coat of the sealant on the entire driveway once it is hard enough to be used. Apply the coat in a span of 3 years to keep the driveway maintained and looking great.

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