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A complete guide to install Paver Drive way Installation

If you are looking to give your property a paver drive way installation, then you must read on. Concrete and brick paving stones can actually change the way your yard looks and can be very versatile, attractive and long lasting. Installing pavers can really be a time consuming job that requires patience and perseverance along with some careful planning and elbow grease!

  1. To begin with, have a good plan in place. It is very important to have a set plan when you start off with paving a path or a driveway. You should begin by drawing out a scaled and elaborate plan on a graph paper. You need to chalk out the drainage plan before anything else. The slopes have to be earmarked and planned well in advance.
  2. A good thing next is to check with your local utilities company before you start off with the construction of a paved driveway. It makes sense that you are careful about the cables and pipes under the proposed driveway area.
  3. You should then begin to order materials for the construction process. You can do the shortlisting both online and offline. There are a host of shapes and sizes along with shades and color that are available in the products. Find one that is according to your taste and liking. It also makes sense not too have too irregularly shaped driveways that require you to have at least 5 per cent more of square footage in the estimate.
  4. Outline the area that needs to be paved as the driveway. You can use a string and a garden hose to border the project area. You can also drive in stakes to help demarcate the outline and make clean corners.
  5. To avoid any water accumulating on the sidelines of the paver driveway, you have to increase the height of the paver driveway with an inclined slope. Drive a stake at the highest point and create the outer boundary of the project. Remember to excavate the slope along the specifications you have laid down. You need to measure the depth of the excavation from the string you have used to demarcate the slope. This is not measured from the surface of the ground.
  6. Finally, you have to choose the base material and use a coarse substance, usually crushed stone that has sharp irregular edges that help it stay strong and compact. After laying the base, you then pave the stones or the concrete!

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