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Brighten your driveway with flowers and shrubs

Home decor does not always have to be expensive – at times even the simplest of ideas can help you give a complete makeover to the ambiance. However, we often tend to pay more attention to the interiors of our home rather than to the exterior. But you can impress your guests even before they have crossed the threshold.

The driveway of the house is an integral part and you can use this part of the house to create a very sophisticated look. And you do not have to burn a hole in your pocket for the purpose either. Urban lifestyle often makes us claustrophobic to the concrete jungle we live in and you can use the area around your driveway to make a small island of greenery. However, before you start letting nature take its course, it is essential to do some groundwork.

This has to be done by preparing the soil. Mark out the area and demarcate a path on both sides of the driveway. Then, call in a professional gardener who will till the soil and do the needful so that it becomes ready to sustain flower plants and shrubs. If you have any special flowers or plants in mind, then inform the gardener so that he can use the requisite manure for the soil.

Bring in plant saplings of flower bearing trees and shrubs and line them along the driveway. Water them as per the instructions of the gardener. It will be a few weeks before you see the results. Install a timed sprinkler if you plan to stay out for long durations. Also, keep an eye out for the growth of weeds. With a little bit of initial care, you will soon have the flowers blooming and your driveway will be a sight to behold!

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