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Christmas Driveway Decoration topics

Christmas is just round the corner and you want every inch of your house to exude the spirit of the festivities. However, why not decorate the exteriors as well? It is a wonderful way to greet your guests and even before they enter, they will be touched by the exuberant charm of the season. The driveway to the house takes up a considerable stretch and with a little use of your imagination; you can decorate it to match the happiness in your heart!

To start with, clean the driveway with meticulous detail- hollies and mistletoes will only look good on a neat backdrop. Fix any cracks and crevices and clear the dirt from between the cracks of the pavers. If your driveway has fencing, or any other border, you can either paint it afresh, or you can wrap colorful streamers around them.

Next, you can line the driveway with small pine trees all along, or you can use two bigger trees on the entrances. Decorate them with streamers, baubles, candies, candles, lights and sparkles till your heart’s content. Hang in your mistletoes and hollies. However, keep a lookout and see where the decoration ends and the clutter begins- try not to overdo everything and aim for crisp and clean decoration which will exude warmth and neatness in equal measure.

It is important to keep the driveway well-lit so you can either install new lights or hang in ropes of mini-lights in sparkling colors. If you want to go traditional and opt for candles instead, be sure to peep out every now and then and check if they have gone out. Keep a light shovel handy in case it snows- you don’t want your driveway to become slippery and wet just when the guests are about to arrive.

So, decorate your house and have a merry Christmas!

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