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Concrete vs. Asphalt Driveways The Pros and Cons

Asphalt and concrete are the two most common materials for installing new driveways. Though there are more expensive and inexpensive choices as well, these two materials make most of the driveways. Though you have your own choices, they have their own pros and cons in terms of cost of installation, longevity and the looks. The choice of the material would greatly depend on your budget, the place you live and the look you prefer for your driveway.

So let’s discuss about some factors that will determine which driveway material is perfect your home.

Installation Cost

The installation cost of concrete driveways is almost 45% more than that of asphalt ones. This is the reason why most people choose asphalt to build their driveways. Though cost is an important factor, you also need to consider the longevity and toughness of the material, since frequent repairs can make it an expensive issue in the long run.

Effects of the Weather

Asphalt is ideal for colder climates, since high temperatures can make asphalt become soft, which results in cracks and grooves. In such cases it would require frequent repairs and raise the overall cost. Concrete, on the other hand can withstand high temperatures, though special care has to be taken for colder climates. For places where the temperature goes very low, the base of the driveway has to be filled with compact gravel to save it from the adverse effects of frost heave. Moreover it is easy to repair asphalt driveways for cracks than concrete ones.


With proper maintenance and sealing, asphalt driveways can last up to 30years and if not taken care of, they can take bad shape within as less as 5years. Concrete lasts up to 50 years and requires less maintenance and repair costs. Applying a sealing every few years can make concrete driveways last even longer.


You have a wide variety of concrete driveways and they add extra appeal to your house and are less expensive in the long run, when compared to asphalt driveways. You can also prevent carrying oil stains (in case you walk over oil stained surface) inside your home which happens frequently with asphalt driveways. On the other hand, concrete driveways are lighter in colour so the stains tend to become prominent. Asphalt surfaces are darker so they hide stains.

Asphalt driveways allow you to drive almost immediately after installation but for concrete driveways, you have to wait for 7days before you can drive over it. So if you are looking for a material with low installation cost, asphalt is ideal for you. On the other hand if you don’t mind shedding a few more bucks and consider durability and low maintenance cost, concrete is best.

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