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Guidelines for Designing a Driveway Landscape

Modern house architecture includes front yards that happen to run low on space which causes driveways designs to cram within very little space. Moreover, the landscapes of strips and planter also play a critical role in determining whether these conflicts in spacing get better or worse. There are several challenges which, similar to ‘commercial’ parking lots, have the potential to repeatedly cause damage to the ostentatious plants- provided the design makes way for catering to vehicular traffic requirements. Such allowances need to be applied to walkways too, since pedestrians, wheelbarrows and bicycles can also potentially harm the plants.

 Pedestrian Allowance:

The general mistake in landscape design for driveways causes people to step out of their vehicles that are parked extremely close to edges, which land them in the planter. Those in high heels can face serious trouble in such a case, which gives rise to the safety issue. This is also one of the big reasons for the wearing out and damage of landscapes in parking lots. Although, a tight driveway installation is not much of a problem most of the times, you will have to take into consideration those that come to attend the evening parties or dress up to attend corporate offices.

  • Use finely woven or nylon fabrics for protecting shoes. And do not include woody plants on the paving edge. Have the plants kept back enough so that people can avoid pollen, dust, snags or scratches on their leather based shoes.
  • Keep the paving in a different color so that the visitors may have no problem in finding out the exact parking location instead of rolling into any edge.
  • In case there is some extra space, you can add two feet to the parking space of the driveway for allowing the passengers to freely pass through without causing any damage to themselves or the plants.

 Making Way for Vehicle Safety:

As you know that anyone’s car is of great value, it is important the driveway ambiance and conditions are protected and kept clean. Try to avoid having trees hang over the driveway so that it causes as little mess as possible that may otherwise cause auto damage. Do not have trees that bear fruits, planted in the driveway. There will be birds and their defecations all over the area, causing unnecessary dirt and mess. Do not have any sprinkler near the parking area as the car’s weight might not only damage the sprinkler’s head but also the underground piping supporting the sprinkler.

There are more guidelines for driveway landscape designs that are soon to follow.

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