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First of all, get your home ready before you select a contractor for Home Remodeling in Nassau County. Pre-remodeling preparations ensure that your home is ready for the contractors when they arrive and a quick completion of the project.


We are Licensed and Registered Remodeling Contractor in Nassau County

There are few norms and regulations to be met, permits and applications to be applied for, for home remodeling in Nassau County. Getting a licensed contractor will ensure that he knows about all these formalities and help you to prepare the necessary documents and forms.
Pietro Pannella has home remodeling services in Nassau County. We are licensed contractors providing a wide range of services for the residents of Nassau County and its surrounding areas.
With 25 years of experience, we have built a team, who are competent enough to handle any type and any size of project. From a small bathroom renovation to a major remodeling of an entire home- Pietro Pannella has the tools and the work force to get it done efficiently.
The benefits of choosing Pietro Pannella for Home Remodeling in Nassau County are that:

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