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Hurricane Sandy has transformed the look of the Long Island shoreline considerably. Thousands of houses have been devastated and demolished living many people homeless and seeking shelter. Some of the residents of this area have been forced to demolish the remains and rebuild their houses. Some who were lucky enough to have substantial remaining, resorted to “house raising”. Of course house raising an economical alternative of rebuilding a house. But it is necessary to find a reliable and experienced contractor to get it done efficiently.

What does House Raising involves?

If you are located in a storm or a flood zone, most probably the soil in that area are not suitable for concrete footing and foundations. Usually the soil is muck or bog and is not suitable to support concrete weight. In this case timber piles or helical piles are pounded into the soil and prepared for foundation. Then a plate is mounted on the created platform, and finally concrete is poured over it to support the home. The existing foundation of the home is then bracketed on to the concrete support. The preparation of this support is dramatic and it involves removing the existing house from its foundation and relocating it in the vicinity. It involves immense skill and engineering to excavate the home entirely without disrupting its structure any further.

We are Trained and Experience House Raiser

If you are looking for experienced and trained House Raisers in Nassau County, Pietro Pannella is a trusted name. As licensed and qualified House Raisers, Pietro Pannella assures that your house will be lifted and relocated safely within proper guidelines.
Generally those who are located within the flood zones of the Nassau County, they are eligible for a House Raising grant from the NY House Lifting authorities.
Pietro Pannella has the equipment to lift your house 2-4 feet higher than the base flood elevation height to protect it further from natural calamities.
We also provide consultation for House Lifting in Nassau County. Get an idea whether your house is worth being lifted. It is better to get an analysis done before making any investment.

Our Commitment Towards our Customer Builds Reputation and Trustworthiness

The service of Pietro Pannella is based on honesty, integrity and sincerity. Our commitment towards our customers has helped us build a reputation of trustworthiness. We have a wholesome team of architects, designers, contractors and laborers who are qualified and committed in their own field of work.
With an experience of 25 long years, trust Pietro Pannella for a safe and effective House Lifting Service in Nassau County.
To know more about our rates and services feel free to contact us or mail us