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How to Decorate a Small Stoop

Stoops are often not as roomy as large patios but there is no need to fret over how to decorate it. Given that you have limited space available to move in items that are large and bulky, you can concentrate on smaller yet spectacular pieces. With some very simple ideas, you can decorate a small stoop very tastefully.

  • You can steer clear of any kind of expensive items if you are on a budget. Instead, paint your stoop in one bold color that will make it pop out and attractive and yet blend seamlessly with the overall exterior of the house. Place some potted plants on either sides of the door or if you have steps leading up to the stoop, you can arrange those plants on the either ends of the step. You can also use orchids to add on the exotic charm.
  • You don’t need many items to decorate a small stoop- rather too much of anything will make the stoop appear smaller as the lack of space would be emphasized. The trick is to keep the area clutter free and you can opt for one statement piece. That can be in the form of a spectacular chandelier, which will serve the dual purpose of lighting up your path as well as adding to the decor. Or you can place an artistic sculpture on the side of the entrance.
  • If you have limited place inside the house, you can turn the stoop into a functional corner, however small it might be. Add a classy cabinet or two to the stoop by the doorway. The cabinet can be used as a shoe cupboard or to store your garden tools. You can add a seat on top of the low cabinets and double it up as a bench.

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