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How to Decorate Patio

Living in the city can at times become claustrophobic and we start yearning for some empty and uncluttered space. The patio of the house is sometimes the only available space available for relaxation. By decorating it in an aesthetic manner, you can turn your patio into a cozy little space that will be the heart and soul of your house and a place to enjoy the lovely weather outside!

  • Rattan or cane furniture: Rattan and cane furniture blends seamlessly with the outdoor environment and lends a very earthy look. They are very resistant to fluctuations in temperature and are ideal for outdoor use. By using colorful cushions and rugs around them, you will be able to decorate your patio in a very cheerful and yet functional manner. A hammock or a swing will be a lovely addition for the kid in the family.


  • Water fountains and birth baths: Water has a very cooling and serene effect, and you can use fountains of various shapes and sizes to decorate the patio. Similarly, bird baths can also be placed strategically around the patio. Add some greenery in the way of planting trees or potted plants. The patio will be a haven with birds twittering and the coolness of the water around, with the flowering plants scenting the air.


  • Lounge: You can also decorate your patio as an extension of your house and by converting it into a lounge. Paint the patio is bright colors and fix interesting shades and lamps for effective mood lighting. Shift some sleek and classy lounge furniture according to the space available. You can also add an awning on top if it is an open patio. The awning can be removed in the morning if you want to let sunshine in, effectively converting the space for day and night use accordingly.

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