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How to Maintain an Asphalt Driveway

The driveway to your house serves the dual function of making a pathway to the garage as well as forms an integral part of the exterior look of the house. If it is not well maintained, if there are uneven potholes or deep cracks in it, it will ruin the overall appearance and will also make it difficult for your car to get in and out smoothly. Asphalt driveways are the most common and with a little discretion on your part, you can keep it in good shape forever.

  • The easiest and the most affordable maintenance tip is to use seal coat on the asphalt at regular intervals. Asphalt is fairly durable, but rapid changes in temperature can expand and decrease it and it might result in cracks and crevices. Application of seal coats at particular times of the year will prevent the cracks from appearing at all.
  • When you first make your driveway, try to slope it and make a gentle incline. This will be prevention against any kind of standing water. Standing water can act as in incentive for weeds and it might even freeze in the winters. If allowed to stay, they can chip away the asphalt, making the driveway irregular and rough.
  • Make sure that the driveway is kept clean at all times- during the Fall, sweep it at least twice a day to prevent the leaves drying and crumbling, and getting into the cracks.
  • A seemingly proper asphalt driveway can suddenly develop a pothole if a chunk of it comes off at once. To deal with this problem, fill up the pothole like you would do to your neighboring pathway. Then apply fresh coats of seal coat and call in the experts to do over the asphalt, merging it carefully with the surrounding.

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