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How to Make Your Concrete Driveway Look Pretty?

Once your driveway starts growing older, it loses its shine and attractiveness. It is now a pale and worn out version of what was cheerful and pretty. This damage can prove to be disadvantageous, as it can cause cracks through which water can seep inside. This problem aggravates in winter causing even more trouble. In this scenario, it is advisable to regularly maintain your driveway and opt for a few things to make it look as beautiful as it originally was. Read on the following to get a low down on what measures you should take to restore the attraction quotient of your concrete driveway:

Wash your concrete driveway really well

Wash down your entire driveway using a hose, and do it really well. Pressure washing is an excellent way to make the pores of the concrete clean. Consider moving your car away so that it is not damaged by the gush of the water. Do not leave any spaces dry, and remember to concentrate on spaces between the cracks. Now wait until the concrete driveway has completely dried up or you can call any mason contractor who can install a sturdy concrete and interlocking pavement giving you sleepless nights

Try using concrete filler

One major way of restoring the cracks is by pouring concrete filler within the cracks of the driveway. Now smoothly scrape down the excess filler so that it matches evenly with the rest of the concrete surface. Wait till the concrete has hardened. The result is a beautiful concrete driveway that looks as good as new.

Go for a concrete mix

 Blend a good quantity of water with your concrete mix. Keep it on the little watery side as you would be pouring it over the already existing concrete driveway.

Make use of your shovel

Put a one to two inch layer of concrete on the surface of your driveway using a shovel. Lay it out evenly, preferably in small sections. Shovel out the concrete and lay it out in a small section. Go on to another section and keep repeating the process unless the entire concrete driveway has been covered.

 Let it dry up

Allow the new layer to dry up properly. Give it around 24 hours and then sweep the remaining dust. Finally, wash down the surface.

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