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How to Repair Asphalt Driveway Holes

The driveway to the house makes up for much of the overall appearance. Hence, it should always be well maintained. Potholes and cracks make the driveway uneven and rough and not only does it ruin the aesthetic appeal of the premises, but they also make smooth driving over it difficult. For these reasons, it is essential to repair any holes on the asphalt driveway as soon as they appear and to take necessary precautions to prevent their formation at all.

Asphalt is fairly hard and it only develops holes when intense rain or snow plays havoc on it. By using seal coats from time to time, you can keep the top layer free from cracks, because left unattended; these very same crevices will grow larger and larger, until a chunk comes off and creates a crater. In case the hole has already been formed, fill it up using gravel and soil like you would do for a proper road. Smooth the top layer with the help of the roller so that the gravel gets firmly embedded and fills up the hole entirely. Then apply asphalt cold patch on top and let it dry and harden.

It is essential to do this on a dry and clear day or else any rain or sleet will again wash of the gravel or concrete before it has cemented. You can also throw some sand on it so that any excess water is absorbed and the asphalt dries quickly. While filling up the hole, make sure that all loose particles are properly removed and merge the new gravel filling properly with the surrounding to create an even look.

With careful planning, you will not even need an expert to fill up the holes in your asphalt driveway and will attain great results by yourself.

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