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Innovatively Using Concrete Pavers for Home Decor

While you can use pavers for adding style and class to your yard, there are other contemporary options for which you can use concrete pavers. Take a look into the following innovative paver ideas:

Recycling Old Pavers:

Planning to get rid of your old pavers? Don’t trash them in the bin or donate them to anyone. Instead, store them away safely so that you can use them for a new project in the near future. The concept of recycling pavers will ensure monetary profits during a home renovation project. You can also innovatively use pavers to create eclectic designs.

Accent Stone Use:

It is not necessary for you to follow the traditional interlocking paver designs. Consider using large pavers with sufficient spacing so that you can make new whirl designs. An interesting idea would be filling the gaps between the pavers with accent stones. This will allow water to drain out easily instead of clogging. If your yard is pooled with water most of the times, use this option to ensure proper drainage.

The Irregular Shape:

If you are bored of straight lines and right angles, consider irregular, large shapes for your pavers. Although, coordination is good to look at, sometimes it gets monotonous and you need to come out with something different (in terms of looks). There are several varieties of over sized pavers at affordable rates. You can select the one that will give your yard a completely unique and artistic look, without affecting the decor of your home. Try creating funky pathways with different shapes of pavers. The non-linear lines and curves will add a creative texture to your home decor.

Cannot handle DIY projects for pavers? Hire Pietro Pannella professionals to ensure the masonry work for installing concrete pavers are of high quality and cost-effective at the same time.

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