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Install Paver Walkways – We Help You To Know The Steps

Paver walkways give direction with the hope that following the path will lead you to your destination. If this sounds too philosophical, then it is time to have a reality check. Paver walkways are a lot similar to cobbled roads, the only difference being that the former is a lot more subtle in terms of looks as compared to the cobbled roads. Paver walkways are usually found in front of a home or in the walking stretch available in the parks.

So, if you wish to install paver walkways in front of your home as well, then don’t delay anymore and know about the easy ways to install them.

Easy Steps to Install Paver Walkways

Get Rid of the Old Walkways – If you are planning to get a brand new walkway for your home, then the first thing that you need to do is rent a jackhammer, put on your gloves and safety goggles and get to work to remove the old walkway first. All you need to worry about is your safety because the jackhammer will do the rest.

Create the Edges – Now that the old walkway is removed, it is time for you to create the edges of the walkway with the help of stakes and string. It is important to always go for a cleaner edge and for that you need to remove the sod if any with the help of a flat shovel.

The Bed of Bricks needs to be well in Place – The walkway is basically the bricks placed tactfully within the stretch of the walkway. The first step towards creating the bed of bricks is to remove 8” of the topsoil and then to level it. The next step should be to add 4” of gravel and top it up with 2” of sand. It is important to measure the length, width and depth of the walkway since multiplying all these three factors will give you your cubic footage.

Tamping the Ground -  Make sure that you remove the dirt and stones from the walkway before attempting to build the paver walkways. The next process that needs to be followed is tamping of the ground to make it level. This is a time consuming process indeed. The gravel needs to be level for the bricks to stay in position.

Now is the Time to Add the Sand – For this purpose, you don’t have to use play sand, instead use concrete sand that is jagged so that they will lock within the place where it is placed to hold the pavers in a steady manner. The process of “screeding” should follow to smoothen and level the area.

Choose the Right Paver – Pavers are available in different shapes and sizes. Therefore, it is important to choose the paver that will solve your purpose the most.

Cut the Bricks to Blend well with the Curves – Paver walkways are never straight and they have curves in all the right places. It is important to have the curves so that the bricks can be cut in the right way to maintain the smoothness and the continuity within the curves.

The entire installation process of paver walkways is time consuming, and it is important to give it that time because the end product is worth the effort.

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