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Installation Ideas to Retain the look of the Patio Floor

Are you thinking of a classy patio makeover? You should get started with the basic requirement i.e building a solid foundation for your patio. Use the following ideas to re-define your patio installation design, and make it appear new-like. While some of the flooring options are DIY, there are others that require professional help. These are a few options that you can use and covers both, the classic materials and the new age ones.

 Concrete Use:

This is one of the most used materials whose positive sides get overlooked very easily. You can install a concrete patio to radiate state-of-the-art appeal from the outdoor space. It is also ideal for defining your space edges crisply. You will have to shell out a bit in hiring a professional for this installation job. This is not suitable as a DIY project since concrete tiles set very quickly and your lack of experience will only lead to time and money wastage. Let the experts handle the installation process. The first step will involve digging and leveling the patio. Then, with the help of barriers, you can determine the patio’s shape. After this, spread out gravel or some other filler material, and pour out the concrete. Level it, finish it and then cure the concrete patio.

Classic Wood Decks:

If you cannot get over the classic wood deck patio, you can use this cozy material for patio design. You have to spend more money and time in maintaining wood as compared to most other materials. Opt for composite decking if you desire patio with wood-like appearance without maintenance issue. Since you will need permit for decking projects, it is best to delegate the work to professionals. This does not rule out the your efficiency in DIY projects. Connect the house with the deck using a ledger. Place the joists and beams on piers (concrete). Now, lay the deck on top of this skeleton work.

Introducing Deck Tiles:

Use this creative material to design a modular deck in any part of your house. Cover up the hideous surfaces with these tiles, or use them for giving your patio a new look. You do not have to hire any professional for installing deck tiles. All you have to do is snap them together based on your choice of configuration.

Bluestone Installation:

This material is not only attractive but also beneficial for homeowners. Bluestone is available in numerous shades, that ranges between deep slate blue and pale lilac. You cannot doo the installation work on your own. Take a pro’s help for installing purposes. The large stones are very heavy, making it difficult to position them. Only professional stone masons can display the skill and experience to create beautiful art using bluestone. The mason will start with leveling and area preparation, making provision for drainage. Next, he fills the space (dug-out) with gravel (one foot thickness). He then tops it with a thin stone dust layer on top. Eventually, you will see the mason will lay the bluestone carefully and tightly.

All these new and old materials for patio installation will give it a new and improved look. Make sure that you get professional help wherever necessary.

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