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Get In Touch We Offer Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling in Nassau County

People choose to remodel their kitchens and bathrooms for various reasons. Some do it for cosmetic reasons while do it to for improvement. Both the kitchen and bathroom remodeling is a complex process as it involves relocating and including gadgets and appliances that suits the every personal tastes and needs.
Pietro Pannella offers Kitchen and Bathroom remodeling in Nassau County. We customize our services to cater to every individual families’ preferences. We have good resources of bathroom and kitchen material suppliers and can easily make the changes you seek.
As a General Contractor we have a team of experienced and licensed sub-contractors who are skilled in their own fields of service. Armed with professional tools and trained with latest training they can remodel your kitchen and bathroom and make you living more comfortable and satisfying.

Some of Pietro Pannella’s kitchen remodeling services include

You will get the following service from Pietro Pannella for bathroom remodeling

The benefits of choosing Pietro Pannella for kitchen and bathroom remodeling in Nassau County are

Pietro Pannella is honest in their dealings. You will get a clear estimate after an on site consultation with one of our project managers. They will help you to finalize a plan and a design that is best suited for your property and is within your budget. After getting your approval, we prepare a contract that clearly states our obligation, duties and costs for every task to be done.
Once the contract is signed, we take on the duties to get your house prepared for remodeling and stay with you throughout the entire process, until all the workers leave your premise. All necessary inspections and permits are taken care of by us on your behalf.
For a complete makeover of your kitchen and bathroom, get in touch with the expert masonry and construction agency in Nassau County- Pietro Pannella.
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