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Lighting the Front Stoop to Enhance its Beauty

Lighting is an important issue, whether inside the home or outside. Along with enhancing the beauty of your home, it is also required for security purposes. Special attention should be given to the lighting of the porch or the front stoop, since it is the entrance of your home and the welcome area. Front stoops are the first thing that can be noticed, when guests come to your home, so to make a good impression light it up with stylish and fashionable lights.

Types of Front Entry Lights

Lighting makes the uneven surfaces more prominent so the entry point becomes safer and prevents guests from tripping down. You can choose from a wide range of lighting styles that will depend upon the size and design of your front stoop. You can decorate your stoop with chandeliers, hanging pendants, wall mounts, flush-mount ceiling fixtures, etc. A stoop is an area in front of the house which is mostly made of concrete and requires only a few flush-mount ceiling fixtures. Large houses or mansions that have multiple steps leading to a large porch require more lighting.

Lighting Style

The style of the front stoop lighting will depend on the style of your home. If your home is of a traditional style, the lighting you choose should also be the similar type. Some antique or Victorian styled lighting would be a good choice. Modern style houses should have sleek, art-deco type lightings with angular lines, geometric shapes, etc. Since the 21st century homes are dominated by architecture and technology, the lightings should also be very bold. Victorian houses can have lantern styled lights to add a classic touch.

Placement of Lights

To make the lights decorative and functional, you’ll have to place them correctly. Lanterns or Wall-mounted lights should be lined parallel to give a balanced look. If there are multiple steps, make sure you have one in middle of each step or two ground lights on either sides of each step to make it more prominent. The advantage of placing multiple lights is that in case one burns out, there still will be enough light. These outdoor lights will also enhance the colour and texture of the outside walls.

One good option is to install solar-powered lights which will save energy as well as money. However there are some drawbacks for such lights, they become less effective when the sun is not shining for consecutive days. LED lights can also make a good choice.

Light Controls

There are various light control options that enable you to save energy as well as money. You can opt for automatic light controls which switch off the lights automatically when there is enough light outside. Time-activated lights help you control the stoop lighting even if you are out of your home. An expensive option will be the motion-detector lights, which switches on the light when it detects motion near the light.

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