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Questions To Ask A Basement Pro

Selecting a contractor to help you in building your basement is one of the most difficult decisions to make. Are you sure the contractor your hiring is a professional and can complete your project? To relieve you from the stress of hiring the right contractor, we’ve got you a set of questions that you can ask before hiring.

1. How long have you been in the business?

During the hiring process, to know if the contractor is reliable or not, it is important to know how long he/she have been in the business. This will help you know about his/her lookout and experience in handling your project.

2. Are you a licensed contractor with an insurance?

Projects that require using nail guns and saws are quite risky to take charge of. Thus, when you are hiring a contractor suitable for your project, make sure he/she is insured. Moreover, it is important to hire the one who is licensed as per industrial standards.

3. By when can you take up the project and how long will it take to complete?

It is very important to know how long will it take for the project to complete. This helps you make arrangements accordingly to not coincide with the working hours of the contractor. A potential contractor should be able to provide you a basic time frame to suit your needs.

4. Can I visit some of your past or ongoing job sites?

Visiting some of the job sites of your contractor will help you get feedback from his/her, customers. They will be able to guide you through their experience of working with the contractor.

5. How much do you quote for the project and what does the cost include?

Last but not the least, when all above steps are clear, asking about the price quote for your project is important. This will help you plan your budget accordingly. You should also be aware of the price breakup, to know if any hidden charges are associated.

To hire a professional basement contractor, contact us. We’ve offered our clients with the best of our services regarding basement starting from basement remodel, to designing of its entrance.

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