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Stoop Ideas for Impressive Home Entrance

A house gives an insight to what it is like through the place where it starts and this usually the curb at its entry and the space that extends up to the entry door. As soon as we lift our feet off the entry stoop, our expectations for what lies ahead keeps growing. This stooping gives a feel of the house lying ahead- whether it is whimsical, shipshape, playful, convivial or a grand one. Ironically, stoops are the very structures that are the last to be thought of, arising out of the need to locate from a site to another. The potential of this structure to impress the welcoming guests or occupants is mostly neglected.

If adequate conditions and space are permitted, a large-sized but low stoop, furnished with seating and fitted with entry door, will be perfect for entrance. But, there are several cases in which conditions are compromised and adjustments need to be made. Many a time there is limitation in space, the access becomes off-axis and there is need for several risers. Here are some of the ideas that you can use for making an attractive front door entry to your house.

 Using Masonry and Granite for Design:

For tall stoops that have side access you should consider resorting to masonry foundation. In this design, you can use granite for making the landings and align them with the brick foundation top. In order to make the stoops attain an invaluable quality, select an appropriate masonry stoop that will complement the height of the foundation. You can also consider incorporating height in the riser by allowing the granite treads to blend in with the brick foundation, making the ‘front elevation’ more interesting in appearance. And as the split stair symmetry becomes visible the significance and definition of stoop gains prominence. Such a design is suggestive of formality, suitable for entry of the house.

 Guardrail and Slatted Skirting on Wooden Base:

The wooden stoops that are tall tend to shield the exterior space view that lies under the landing. Instead of using predictable lattice for filling in, you should opt for guardrail based design. Consider the use of vertically oriented board stock as material for guardrail and skirting each. The varying widths of the board stocks will offer a pattern display which does not give you the feel of climbing stairs. If you include semicircular cutouts in between boards of the guardrail, they will produce a circular motif, which will playfully contrast the straight lines that lies in abundance.

These are some of the easy design ideas that you can implement on your entry stoops to give your house a highly impressive opening.

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