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Tips to Look After Your Asphalt Driveway

Your driveway is an important part of your home, that not only acts as the pathway from the garage to the road, but is also a key factor as far as the look of the house is concerned. It is a good idea to follow certain guidelines for the right maintenance of your asphalt driveway to keep it in a good shape. Browse through the following to know what measures should be taken to avoid the cracks and potholes on the driveway and keep it looking cool:

Keep a note of the weather

The sun dries up the asphalt while extreme winters cause the asphalt to crack. Therefore, it is crucial to check the weather before you start. The best time for the repair work is on days that are 55 degrees or warmer. This temperature ensures that the sealing materials form a strong bond with the already existing asphalt. You should not work if it is going to rain as it can wash away the seal.

Examine your driveway

Conduct a thorough examination of your asphalt driveway, looking for cracks and depressions or you may call one of the driveway paving contractors. Hairline cracks should not bother you much but ones that are wider than 1/8inch should be filled. Depressions pose problems too, as water collects in them ultimately causing cracks.

Fill cracks and depressions

Fill the large cracks with filler that is available in hardware stores. If the crack is very deep, first fill it up with sand up to 1/4inch from the top, and then add the crack filler. For very wide cracks, use an asphalt cold-patch for the best results. Remove excess oil by washing the area with soapy water. Hose down the area and remove standing water. Now put asphalt cold patch into the depression to make it of the same level as the rest of the driveway.

Allow it to dry

Let the crack filler and asphalt cold patch to dry for at least 24 hours before you consider sealing your driveway.

Its time to prepare and apply the asphalt sealer

Clean the surface of your asphalt driveway before putting the sealer. Sweep off the dirt and then wash down the entire place with soapy water. Buy cans of “sealer/filler” according to the area of your driveway. Mix the sealer thoroughly and use a brush to apply it on the driveway. To get an affective result, apply two thin layers that dry quickly. Wait for 12 hours for the first coat to dry before you apply the second.

Secure your driveway

Put a barrier around your driveway so that no cars can accidentally enter the area and damage your hard work.

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