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Tips to Remember While Installing Asphalt Driveways

Installing an asphalt driveway does not require you to lose sleep over it. Rest assured it is not a difficult process at all. It requires only a couple of days to lay the asphalt and complete the process. However, this too is a part of the renovation project of a house, and needs to be handled with care. You need to keep in mind certain guidelines to ensure your asphalt driveway looks perfect. Browse through the following to find out what tips to follow while installing an asphalt driveway:

Asphalt needs to be warm for being laid

Asphalt cannot be laid cold, it needs to be rather warm in order to set correctly. If you are allowing it to set overnight, make sure the temperature is right. Asphalt cannot be laid in winter in certain places that experience sub zero temperatures. Not only will the asphalt not set in the right way, but may also crack from the very beginning. Consider laying asphalt in summer or spring as these are the ideal times for the exercise.

Do not use the driveway for around 48 hours

There is not much work to be done as far as laying asphalt is concerned, but make sure to stay away from it for around 24 to 48 hours. Using the driveway during this time may damage the set of the asphalt and make it unsuitable for use. In areas that experience very high temperatures, it is advisable to stay off the driveway for at least 48 hours and let it set.

The new driveway may not look perfect at first

You will come across marks on the surface of your driveway after the asphalt is set. These are areas where the rollers were used or the asphalt was hand smoothed. Do not get concerned over these marks as they are completely normal, and will vanish in a month or two.

Make sure to get multiple estimates

Although laying asphalt on the driveway does not cost a fortune, always go for multiple estimates before zeroing on your choice. Have a word with different asphalt driveways service providers, and settle for the one offering the most cost effective services.

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