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Top 3 Secrets That Will Help The Home Border Look Amazing

House bordering is all about great style and greater ideas. If you can play with your imagination, you can truly achieve mind numbing beauty in the yard and the garden outside. If you are looking at amazing house bordering in Nassau County, then read on. Here are 3 best ideas for your home borders and yard, which can truly make your property stand out amid the rest:

  1. If you are interested in creating a home border that helps amplify the beauty of your yard and also make an impact in the neighborhood, try creating a layered garden. These gardens will help in plants grow in pockets and the longest and the most lush layer can form as the outermost border for your home. You can mix and match leafy vegetation and add a dash of exquisite plants and shrubs.
  2. If you want to make a style statement, that makes you feel les claustrophobic every time you look at the fence, try the lattice look. This is a great way of adding enclosure and privacy without being too expensive an option. The lattice panels are better options in comparison to traditional fences and can help you save a lot of money in upkeep and maintenance.
  3. Finally, if you think of a time tested alternative, then try hedging. A wall of green will help you delineate the house from the others. Look for the evergreen varieties of plants that grow all year round and can act as great hedges. Look at the height and the width of these plants before you plant them as a hedge.

If you want a certain amount of privacy, you should be able to experiment with other materials as well. Look for home beauty tips in magazines and manuals for better guidance!

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