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Top Driveway Designs That Will Steal Your Heart In 2016

Most of us who love new homes, also favor the amazing driveways. Yes! There are more to driveways than the usual asphalt driveways in Nassau County. These amazing steering ways play a large role in making your home look bright and wonderful. These driveways can be laid in grass or even stones. A typical suburban driveway measures about 800 square feet of the front yard of any home – the half of an entire grass tennis court! These spaces are simply more than slabs of bricks and concrete!

Here are the Top Ideas to Pave that Driveway of your Dreams:

  1. You can opt for that home grown and hardy ground driveways that can be made in bricks. This driveway gradually makes way into the surrounding greens of your home. The solid brick driveways can often be laid with some hard as nails ground covers that include the blue star creeper also known as the Isotama and the Corsican mint or the Mentha requienii.
  2. The curb appeal of the concrete driveway is often quite high given its reliability and durability. Some of these driveways resemble a patio in the making and cost you only about $15 per sqaure feet.
  3. Many of the homes today, are surrounded with sprawling greens and woods. It makes good sense to actually create a “living driveway”: whenever possible. These driveways are an environmentally friendly choice that allow the rain water to pass off into the ground below and reduces the run off and prevents soggy and wetness.
  4. You can use synthetic asphalt that can be made to look as brick when paving your driveway. Such driveways cost you much less in comparison to real burnt and colored brick.
  5. The next best alternative to typical driveway materials this season is the Arizona asphalt. This is a heavy material that is closer to stone in look and texture. However, these stones may not chip easily and are water resistant, often being able to sustain a lot of freight and movement over it.

There could be many more driveway designs that will stir up the imagination in you. You need a good installer of driveways such as Pietropannella Contracting to construct your dreams. The cool edgings and designs on the borders of these driveways can actually steal glances and make your home be the cynosure of eyes!

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