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Top Tips to follow Before Hiring a Masonry Contractor

If you are interested in employing a masonry contractor services in Nassau County then ask some of the most important questions before they start working on your home’s exterior. Selecting a good mason may not be that tough given the market at present. Here are the top 5 questions you need to ask before you enlist the services of a mason:

  1. Ask for the masonry certifications from the mason you have shortlisted when they come in for an interview. A mason should be certified professionally by the accredited masonry authority in the country. In this case it’s the MCAA. He or she should also have a general contractor’s license before the start of the work.
  2. Ask about the kind of experience that the mason has on brick and stone work. If the mason has a specialty, he or she should have it on the resume. Many masons may find it tough to work on stones. Ask for the specialization first.
  3. Remember to ask about the experience that the mason has in certain sectors. Is he equipped to deal with cutting and laying patterns in stone, concrete or even bricks?
  4. Finally, ask for the timelines he or she adheres to when beginning on the work. It is good to plan ahead and set the time period before the work gets started. The tentative dates are enough for you to know the rates and per day charges of work. Decide on the payment option before the work starts.
  5. Having a mason around for the brick and stone work is always good. In order to have a better picture of the work the mason has done, try and ask for references and past experience letters. The recommendations and word of mouth publicity is always welcome.

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