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Ways to Get Rid of Weeds Lying in Pavers

Several material types such as concrete, limestone, cobblestone, marble, etc. are used for making pavements. There are unwanted substances like weeds that grow within the gap of stones in the pavement. In no time, these weeds spread all over the pavement and cause trouble to those who use the pavement if no step is taken to clean the place. It is not difficult to clean pavers but you must plan out the use of essential tools and other materials for this purpose. The easiest way to remove weeds from driveway pavers or other outdoor pavers is by pulling them out using bare hands. You can also use a spade or a hoe to clean the place. However, you must take care to pull these weeds out in such a way (i.e. along with the roots) so these weeds do not grow again at the same place.

 Using Sand for Growth Prevention:

When you pull out those deeply-rooted weeds, you will notice that some amount of sand also comes out with the roots. To prevent the weeds from growing back, you should cover up these empty spaces using sand ad fill up the spots. This helps mostly in those cases where the weeds are stubborn, such as ‘Mare’s Tail’ and the ‘Japanese Knotweed’ varieties, which can reach up to 5-6 feet underneath the ground. Once the weeds have been eliminated, clean the pavement surface using water. You must note that weeds fail to grow in pavement areas that are frequented by pedestrians and the vehicular movement is regular. In order, to stop the weeds from growing again, it is necessary to continue cleaning pavers and rid them from weeds. This will also help in making the pavement more durable.

 Other Measures to Prevent Regrowth:

Once the weeds have been eliminated, you should take preventive measures for keeping the weeds from growing back, mostly in the pavers as there is hardly any vehicular movement or human treading in these areas. Implement simple techniques like cleaning pavers on a regular basis with the help of a tough bristled-brush to remove the accumulated debris and stop weeds from resurfacing. You can also use chemicals available in the local market for killing the weeds. However, do not use the general herbicides for killing the weeds since they have the potential to damage the surrounding trees, plants and lawn along with the pavement.

Finally, to ensure that no new weeds can replace the killed or uprooted weeds, you can use sealants after having the pavers cleaned. This will give an almost permanent relief from weeds.

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